Business Address :
Factory Address : Thika
Telephone : 0722278777
Facsimile :
Email :
Registration No : GC8-TDXD-335
Incorporation Date : May 02 1976
Type of Business : Limited Liability Company
Contact Person 1 Full Name : James Macharia
Contact Person 1 Full Name : Sales Executive
Business Enquiry Contact 2 :
Contact Person 2 Designation :
Certification / Award :
Products(s) : Processed Foodstuffs and Beverages
No of Employees : 1067
Annual Production Capacity :
Current Markets : Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania

Company Profile

At Bidco we believe in the future of Africa. Over the years we have successfully won over the market, becoming the largest and fastest growing manufacturer and marketer of consumer products. Currently, we market and distribute the largest and widest range of product categories in the East and Central African regions such as: Edible Oils, Cooking Fats, Margarine, Baking Products, Hygiene Products, Detergents and Laundry Bars. We exist to serve daily consumer needs to enhance Happy Healthy Living by Branding, Transforming and Distributing the goodness of Mother Nature.