Kevian Ltd

Business Address :
Factory Address : Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone : 0714746687
Facsimile :
Email :
Registration No : FGGH-H7F6-BY6F6-777
Incorporation Date : May 01 1992
Type of Business : Limited Liability Company
Contact Person 1 Full Name : Mr. Richard Kimani
Contact Person 1 Full Name : Managing Director
Business Enquiry Contact 2 :
Contact Person 2 Designation :
Certification / Award :
Products(s) : Livestock & Livestock Products
No of Employees : 89
Annual Production Capacity :
Current Markets : Kenya

Company Profile

Kevian Kenya Limited is a private limited liability company registered in Kenya under the Companies Act. (Cap 486).?It was incorporated on 9th July 1992.?It’s Head Office is located in Nairobi along Ngong Road, about 12 Km from the City Center. Kevian Kenya Ltd principal activities are: Packaging bottled water under the brand name ‘Mt. Kenyan’ for sale in the local and export markets. Packaging whole fruit juices under brand name “Pick ‘N’ Peel” for sale in local and export markets. Packaging fruit based Ready –to- Drink juice under brand name “Afia”, with a difference from what is locally available. The product is for sale in both local and export markets. Extraction of concentrates from fresh fruits.