Sasini Ltd

Business Address :
Factory Address : Sasini Limited, Loita Street
Telephone : 0734200709
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Registration No : 1E3R-GRT4-4GT4G6-J67
Incorporation Date : May 23 1952
Type of Business : Limited Liability Company
Contact Person 1 Full Name : Mr. Raphael
Contact Person 1 Full Name : Manager
Business Enquiry Contact 2 :
Contact Person 2 Designation :
Certification / Award : 22000:2005 ISO certified
Products(s) : Processed Foodstuffs and Beverages
No of Employees : 543
Annual Production Capacity :
Current Markets : Kenya

Company Profile

Sasini limited was incorporated in 1952 in Kenya East Africa and became a public company in 1960. The company shares were listed in Nairobi stock exchange in 1965. To date , the company has about 9000 share holders of when about 99% are Kenyans. Sasini provides direct employment to over 5000 Kenyans and previously was predominantly engaged in growing of teas and Coffee milling, branded teas and coffees, horticulture, dairy and lifestyle coffee houses. The company is managed by a board of directors, who are elected annually in a general meeting.